Northern Monk - OFS037 - West Coast IPA


Northern Monk - OFS037 - West Coast IPA

Next stop on our whirlwind global tour in beer is West Coast USA, the spiritual home of the US craft beer scene, many of which got us hooked on hops in the first place. We’ve teamed up with Humble Sea of Santa Cruz, California to get things rolling with a classic west coast IPA. Over a super clean base of pale and pilsner malt and a touch of dextrin malt for body, we layered the classic combination of centennial and simcoe through the hot side to extract as much oily, resinous citrus character as we could then brought nelson sauvin to the party in the dry hop to complement this with its floral elderflower and grape aroma alongside the dank pine of the simcoe.

West Coast IPA




Northern Monk - OFS037 - West Coast IPA
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