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Stouts & Porters

Half a Neutron Star, all the flavour. Chocolate and coffee pairs with smooth vanilla and subtle toffee. Finishing with a light roastiness and a balanced sweetness. Chocolate & Coffee Stout 440ml 6% Vegan
Rich chocolate flavor from the additions of cacao and Belgian dark chocolate. A touch of vanilla and thick, silky mouthfeel give the impression of a decadent gateau not even Paul Hollywood could turn his nose up at. This week's star baker: Attic. Chocolate Gateau Stout 440ml 5.2% Vegan
A chewy chocolate-vanilla dream of a porter. Our cask version is a beer festival favourite that has collected more awards than we can recall. Now available in 440ml cans! Chocolate & Vanilla Porter 440ml 5.5% Vegan & Gluten Free
Brass Castle - Yes Pecan! Draught Beer canned by us! Yes Pecan! is a 4.8% maple & pecan porter. Cozy pecan pie but light in body and easy drinking – with gentle pecan tannin giving a clean dry edge to balance sweet maple and toffee notes Maple & Pecan Porter...
We might not be able to leap from a speeding train or dive into shark infested waters but we can deliver decadent chocolate, rich cherry and warming chilli guaranteed to spice up the cold winter months. And remember - all because the lady loves Brew York Chilli Cherry Chocolate Milk...
You want S'more Tonkoko? You got it! We've added soft fluffy marshmallow to this already epic milk stout. Marshmallow Coconut Cacao Tonka and Vanilla Milk Stout 440ml 4.3%
Luscious, full-bodied, obsidian-black with velvety, tan foam; our Stout is traditionally brewed with non-fermentable lactose sugar derived from 100% pure New Zealand Dairy. Aromas of bittersweet chocolate, dried fruits, and bold coffee-and-cream flavours all descend on the senses, while soft roasted-malt bitterness keeps the sweetness in check. Milk Stout 330ml...
This Brown Ale is brewed with a heaping amount of Cubano-style espresso beans, vanilla and cacao nibs. Rich coffee notes dominate this beer, while it finds balance with a smooth malty backbone. Pairs well with arroz con leche and, of course, a delicate shot of Cubano espresso.Brewed with a proprietary...
A rich blend of thick roast malts, vanilla, and milk sugar infuse this dark beer with deep chocolatey notes laced with creamy undertones. Perfect for those winter months. Milk Stout 440ml 5%
On a pilgrimage for immortal craft beer, we tripped on some heavenly drops of beer with amazingly overwhelming aromas of chili peppers and more, a thick fudge-like body, pitch black color and obviously only made in limited amounts. And the taste….furthermore Jesus. Imperial Stout with Chilli Peppers 330ml 12%
Velvety and smooth, yet light and easy drinking. This chocolate milk stout is chock full of cocoa notes. Luxurious yet sessionable. Chocolate Milk Stout 440ml 4.5% Vegan
£14.00 £16.50
Grimm Artisanal Ales are a fantastic brewery from New York, USA. Salty Nut Roll (imperial stout w/ peanuts, marshmallow, brown sugar & salt) is a nod to every brewer's favorite snack—the inimitable Salted Nut Roll. Imperial Stout with Peanuts, Marshmallows, Brown Sugar and Salt 500ml 13%
A complex body of Golden promise with 11 different specialty malts. Finished with Madagascan vanilla and organic cacao nibs. Chocolate & Vanilla Stout 440ml 5.6% Vegan
An indulgent chocolate stout from Hackney Brewery Chocolate Stout 440ml 6% Vegan
Traditional English ruby mild with subtle cinder toffee undertones. Liquid Crunchie in a glass! Cinder Toffee Mild 500ml 4.5%
A deep and rich milk stout, balancing roasted coffee and chocolate notes with sweetness and caramel aromas. Made with roasted malts and milk sugars, this beer is like a fudge brownie in a glass. Chocolate Fudge Cake Stout 440ml 5.5% Vegetarian
Starting with a chocolate base, then infused with caramel, Maldon sea salt and then an addition of lactose to give a smooth richness. A truly decadent and indulgent stout. Chocolate Salted Caramel Stout 440ml 5.8%
Stout w/ Chocolate, Pecan, Tonka. A silky dessert stout boasting flavours of rich cacao and tonka, sweet vanilla and toasted nuts. Its decadent yet drinkable quality reminds us of those naughty chocolates with liqueur in the middle. Chocolate, Pecan & Tonka Stout 440ml 7%
Dark as a moonless night and smoother than Morgan Freeman in a velvet suit, De La Crème uses added lactose sugar to bring sweet chocolate, caramel and cream flavours to your attention. More than just another milk stout, De La Crème is really the crème de la crème. Milk Stout...
A creamy full bodied stout with a wonderful complexity. It uses Hazelnut and lactose sugar to bring sweet chocolate and cream flavours to your attention with a full aroma of rich hazelnuts . Hazelnut Milk Stout 440ml 4.5%
Stout using six malts and English Bramling hops. Mint Choc flavouring is added post fermentation. Mint Choc Chip Stout 500ml 6%
Easy drinking Porter using five different malts, with demerara sugar and English Bramling hops, infused post fermentation with Mocha flavouring. Mocha Porter 500ml 4.5%
The next stop on our northern UK tour with Sarah Harris sees us rock up to the lake district and team up with our friends at Hesket Newmarket to recreate a Cumbrian classic, the Sticky Toffee Pudding. We put together a complex grist, with plenty of medium and dark crystal malts to...
£7.50 £12.00
Double Vanilla Double Raspberry Double Porter. Imperial porter brewed with twice the amount of vanilla and raspberries. Go berries! Double Vanilla Double Raspberry Double Porter 9.5% 330ml 
Using three different kinds of oats, we’ve brewed a traditional oatmeal stout with a nice chewy mouthfeel and little to no bitterness. An easy drinking, roasty, oaty stout. Oatmeal Stout 440ml 6% Vegan
Midnight Space Cowboy has returned, this time he’s in Space! We amped up the original MSC Oatmeal Stout to a hefty 7%. This stout oozes class, with a soft and mellow chocolate and roasty base. Oatmeal Stout 440ml Vegan  
CHOCOLATE AND COFFEE MILK STOUT - Rich and luxurious milk stout infused with organic cocoa nibs, locally roasted coffee, vanilla and lactose. Chocolate & Coffee Milk Stout 330ml 5.5%
American style barleywine; we’ve taken inspiration from the OG Stateside brewers generously hopped this beer with Centennial to add a distinct grassy bitterness to pair off against the sweet dried fruit notes brought to the table by the malt bill. Best enjoyed (in our opinion anyway) in a big snifter...
Dark roasted barley is the star in this toasty & rich stout.Hedgerow hops add a fruity flair and a touch of treacle adds complexity without taking you to Pastrytown. Black Treacle Stout 440ml 8.2% Vegan
Six speciality malts, Goldings and Fuggles Hops, roasted Cacao Nibs and Hazelnut flavours amalgamate to produce a full bodied stout which may remind you of a well-known chocolate bar. Stout 440ml 5.5% Vegetarian
This marshmallow porter has the classic roasty qualities of a proper dark ale, whilst the marshmallow gives it a smooth sweetness, both combining for a delightful, S’mores-like ale. A sweet treat for the cold winter nights. Marshmallow Porter 330ml 5.2%
A decadent milk stout with hazelnut, wafer and vanilla. Chocolate & Hazelnut Milk Stout 440ml 6.4%
The indulgent stout that you've been waiting for. Caramel, Cocoa Nibs, Vanilla, Sea Salt, layers of chocolate malts and wizardry. Salted Caramel & Chocolate Stout 440ml 7% Vegan
A traditional robust porter with no nonsense! Porter 440ml 4.8% Vegan
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Single Hop Citra DIPA! Double IPA  440ml 8% Vegan
Dry Hop - the addition of hops into the fermenter for aroma and flavour. Dry Hop - clearing loose debris by doing a burnout in a Monster Truck Thunder Truck - a bit of both, huge on hops with a bit of poke to clear the loose debris! Double Dry...
Mash Bandicoot is a classic American Pale Ale to commemorate the 25th anniversary of an era defining classic platform game. Crammed with the citrus and berry character from Mosaic hops which may or may not taste like Wumpa fruit. Mosaic Pale Ale 440ml 5% Vegan
We might not be able to leap from a speeding train or dive into shark infested waters but we can deliver decadent chocolate, rich cherry and warming chilli guaranteed to spice up the cold winter months. And remember - all because the lady loves Brew York Chilli Cherry Chocolate Milk...
£5.90 £6.50
HYG is a rebrew of a beer we can't talk about, in tribute to a film we also can't talk about, based on flavours of a chocolate bar we probably shouldn't talk about. Peanut, Caramel & Marshmallow Imperial Milk Stout 440ml 10%
£4.50 £5.85
Show Nuff is an IPA with a sticky mix of rye and light caramel malt. On the dry hop there is Citra for lychee, Idaho 7 for pineapple and Ekuanot for squishy fruit.  IPA 440ml  
We've gone big with New Zealand hops Motueka, Nelson Sauvin ad Waimea in this juicy DDH Pale.  DDH Pale Ale 440ml 5.7% Vegan
For this dark and luxurious brew we have taken our Darkened Ardour Imperial Stout and aged it for 7 months in fresh Bourbon and Rum barrels and blended the resulting glorious liquid into something rather exceptional.The base imperial stout consists of notes of dark chocolate, espresso, heavy roasted malts and...
Brewed in collaboration with YUZU, one of our food partners, to celebrate the opening of our new bar in Leeds! YUZU will be our food partner serving up baos, dumplings, chicken wings and other Asian-inspired street food from the Leeds' bar kitchen. Therefore there could be only one direction for...
A tropical and hop-forward session beer fermented with a New England yeast strain. Aromas of stonefruit and pine, a reserved malt profile and a clean, dry finish. Hops: Citra, Simcoe & Mosaic Pale Ale 440ml 3.8% Vegan