Pale Ale's

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Pale Ales

 This wonderfully refreshing pale session beer showcasing the marvellous Mosaic hops from America. Bursting with tropical fruit flavours and a pleasant citrus bitterness. Just in case there wasn't enough in the initial brew, we have dry hopped with even more Mosaic for good measure! Now in 440ml cans! American Pale...
A strong pale ale that pushes tropical fruits with the balance of gentle citrus pithiness. This is the mid-strength beer that forms part of our core can range. Beautifully balanced daily drinker packed full of aroma and flavour. Bursting with Ekuanot, Mosaic and Simcoe hops. Pale Ale 440ml 5% Vegan...
Dry Hopped Pale Ale by Alpha Delta Brewing. Dry Hopped Pale Ale 440ml 5% Vegan
Heavily hopped Session Pale Ale, brewed with the intention of showcasing the hop variety selected. A refreshing and easy drinking beer with floral and tropical fruit flavours and aromas - Gluten Free Gluten Free Pale Ale 568ml (pint can) 4% Gluten Free & Vegan
All Sabro hopped American Pale. Taste the rainbow! Sabro Hopped Pale Ale 568ml (pint can) 5% Vegan
The sixth in our series of 4.8% single-hop pale ale, matched up with fruit to complement the hop. Galaxy is the darling hop of the Australian scene, giving big tropical fruit notes, which we lift with addition of passion-fruit. Galaxy & Passionfruit Pale Ale 440ml 4.8% Gluten Free & Vegan...
Sabro/Coconut is the seventh in our Fruit Lupe range of hop/fruit pairing pale ales. Sabro hops have an underlying coconut character, which is enhanced beautifully by pairing them with the real thing. Sabro & Coconut Fruited Pale Ale 440ml 4.8% Gluten Free & Vegan
A 6.4% Belgian blonde that we’ve infused with saffron and black pepper. Classic Belgian flavours are complimented by sweet notes of hay and honey from the saffron, and a subtle tingle of black pepper, to give a refined and elegant drinking experience. Belgian Blonde 440ml 6.4% Gluten Free & Vegan...
Those who’ve tried our juicy New England pale Quench will understand why it is one of our favourite brews. Well we’re doubling down with Supersoaker- up to 6.4%, double the Citra, double the Mosaic. Prepare not for your thirst to be quenched, it’ll get soaked. DDH Pale Ale 440ml 6.4%...
You’d be forgiven for thinking this was a classic hop-forward American pale ale. And you’d be right, with one exception - gluten. We locked all the flavour in and locked the gluten out. Citrus and tropical fruit flavours meld with a light caramel malt base, giving way to a riot...
Super Pale, Chit & Oats make up the grist, whirlpooled and dry hopped extensively with Meridian hops for their tropical & berry forward backbone with distinct citrus aromas. American Pale Ale 440ml 5.6% Vegan
“You know what would be fun? C Lime Pie!” That was the text we got from our Henry Street Head Brewer, OG Kyle, recently and we went with it. C Lime Pie is our pale ale, C, dry hopped with 2020 Motueka and then pastrified into the classic dessert, Key...
Cranachan Killer is a pale oat ale with raspberries and is based on a traditional Scottish dessert made from raspberries, honey, toasted oats and cream. Pours a reddish amber in colour with lots of juicy raspberry aromas and flavours. Sweet and slightly tart yet nicely balanced. Raspberry Pale Ale 440ml 5.5%
A full flavoured pale ale, PACKED with juicy rhubarb! Full on fruit, not too sweet! Gluten Free & Vegan Rhubarb Pale Ale 330ml 4.6% Gluten Free & Vegan
A full flavoured pale ale, PACKED with juicy rhubarb! Full on fruit, not too sweet! Gluten Free & Vegan 4 Pack of Rhubarb Pale Ale 330ml 4.6% Gluten Free & Vegan
Mega hoppy beer with the citrus and pine of the best of yank pales. Easy drinking but not low on flavour. Balance is our mission here. American Pale Ale 440ml 5.5% Vegan
Secret Hotel is a DDH Rye Pale Ale hopped with Cryo Citra, Enigma and Sabro. Super-pale, hazy and complex, with notes of berries, pineapple and coconut from the hops mingling with a sweet note of spice from the rye malt. DDH Pale Ale  440ml 5.5% Vegan
Our flagship hazy, golden American Pale Ale brewed with copious amounts of Cascade, Citra and Simcoe hops over a body of pilsner and oat malts. It’s light base is the perfect backbone to effervescent and bright hop aromas of mango, pineapple and evergreen. Pale Ale 475ml 5.5% Vegan
Monster State is a juicy Pale Ale brewed with our favourite hop of 2020 Strata and South African favourite Southern Passion. These two big hitting hops is what we wanted to end 2020 with. Expect juice bomb deluxe. Pale Ale 440ml 5.8% Vegan
Citrus in a glass, the hop that keeps on delivering. Easy drinking premium pale ale with a grapefruit, mango and lemon taste and aroma. Citra Hopped Pale Ale 500ml 4.5%
Mosaic hops are full of blueberry and citrus flavours and seriously pack a powerful punch. This is one juicy banger of a pale ale. Mosaic Hopped Pale Ale 500ml 4.3%
Strata is one of the newest hops to come out of the US. Flavours and aromas are tropical fruit, grapefruit and herbal Strata Hopped Pale Ale 500ml 4.3%
Just look at that hop combo- when you bring the greats together you get something truly special. BIG hop flavour on a session strength beer- the kind you want to drink every day. New England Pale Ale 440ml 5.2% Vegan  
Sometimes you have to go with the flow, and when the flow is delicious hoppy, hazy beer then its not such a bad thing. Our mission for Parachute was to create a soft stage for the hops to dance on. We focused on the idea of softness and worked on the...
Murky, Juicy, Fruity, Hopped with Citra, Mosaic, Simcoe & Chinook. New England Pale Ale 440ml 5.2% Vegan