Brew York - Dradis
Dry Hop - the addition of hops into the fermenter for aroma and flavour. Dry Hop - clearing loose debris by doing a burnout in a Monster Truck Thunder Truck - a bit of both, huge on hops with a...
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Cloudwater - The Little Pump House at Kinder Reservoir
DDH Pale hopped with US & NZ Hops. There are spirits inside this little pump house at Kinder Reservoir. At night they dance and skate across the water, bestowing blessings and wishes that every cell in every being reaches optimal...
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Northern Monk - OFS061 - Canada - Beavertail Pastry Pale Ale with Cinnamon & Apple
Canada’s national fried-dough; hand-stretched wide and flat like a beaver’s tail, fried until golden brown, and dusted with cinnamon sugar. Topped, rather than filled (genius, you can fit more on that way) with everything from fresh fruit to cheesecake spread...
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Pollys Brew Co - Goldroom
Anyone who has followed the brewery long enough knows that we love to scale up and scale down our hop pairings across various styles. From those halcyon Loka Polly days to the present day, we’ve been scaling up our pairing...
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Tartarus - Rubezahl
Tartarus - Rubezahl This beer is brewed with 75% wheat malt, pale golden and hazy. Fermented with Bavarian wheat yeast to give it that classic banana and clove notes. Effervescent and light, perfect for those hot summer days. About This...
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Tartarus - Urayuli
Tartarus - Urayuli A classic American pale ale... but with a twist. We brewed a pale ale with a robust malt back bone, a balanced bitterness and a bold hop kick, then aged on coffee beans. It's not your traditional...
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