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Imperial Stouts & Porters

Our most outrageous beer yet has been (re)brewed and is making its way out into the wild for the second year in a row! Strawberry Tigers & Rooftop Jacuzzis is a 12.4% strawberry, chocolate, smoked, cherry wood-chipped imperial dessert stout, brewed in collaboration with craft beer artist, graphic designer and...
Part of our cake sniffer series, this is a decedent stout inspired by the traditional Italian pudding. Brazilian, Ethiopian and Italian coffee varieties have been expertly blended with dark malts to complement beautifully the sweetness of vanilla and cocoa nibs to create an irresistible take on this classic dessert. Tiramisu...
The latest in Amundsen's Barrel Aged Dessert in a Can series, this one is Pecan & Maple! Barrel Aged Pecan & Maple Imperial Pastry Stout 330ml 10.5%
The latest in Amundsen's Barrel Aged Dessert in a Can series, this one is Pistachio Cookie Dough Ice Cream! Barrel Aged Pistachio Cookie Dough Ice Cream Imperial Pastry Stout 330ml 10.5%
Barrel Aged version of Amundsen Dessert in a Can series! Rocky Road Ice Cream Imperial Stout Barrel Aged 330ml 11.5%
The latest in Amundsen's Barrel Aged Dessert in a Can series, this one is Tiramisu! Barrel Aged Tiramisu Imperial Pastry Stout 330ml 10.5%
The latest in Amundsen's Dessert in a Can series, this one is Chocolate Toffee Peppermint Cookie! Chocolate Toffee Peppermint Cookie Imperial Stout 330ml 10.5%
The latest in Amundsen's Dessert in a Can series, this one is Gingerbread Creme Brulee! Gingerbread Creme Brulee Imperial Stout 330ml 10.5%
The latest in Amundsen's Dessert in a Can series, this one is Mamas Blueberry Pie! Mamas Blueberry Pie Imperial Stout 330ml 10.5%
The latest in Amundsen's Dessert in a Can series, this one is Marzipan Chocolate Shortbread! Marzipan Chocolate Shortbread 330ml 10.5%
A New edition to the Dessert in a Can series from Amundsen, Peach Cobbler Imperial Stout! Peach Cobbler Dessert in a Can 330ml 10.5%
The latest in Amundsen's Dessert in a Can series, this one is Tiramisu! Tiramisu Imperial Stout 330ml 10.5%
The latest in the Dessert in a Can series from Amundsen... Unicorn Sprinkle Strawberry Doughnut Imperial Stout 330ml 10.5%
The guys at Amundsen have been at it again with their crazy good ultra pastry stouts! Mexican Mole Mudcake Ultra Pastry stout. Cocoa nibs, Cinnamon and Chipotle Chilies Mexican Mole Mudcake Ultra Pastry Stout 440ml 13.5% Vegan
A Christmas edition in the Ultra Pastry stout series by Amundsen, you just know this is going to be a good one! Sticky Toffee Cinnabun Ultra Pastry Stout 13.5% Vegan
The second in the new Virtual Reality collaborations from Amundsen. Sticky Maple & Banana French Toast Imperial Stout 440ml 11%
The fourth in the new Virtual Reality collaborations from Amundsen. Mocha Coconut & Vanilla Macaroons Imperial Stout 440ml 11%
Imperial oatmeal stout brewed with coffee & chocolate Imperial Oatmeal Stout 568ml (pint can) 9% Vegan
I Thought We Were Enemies is an Imperial Porter aged for 310 days in 15 year old Cognac barrels, brewed by Basqueland and Põhjala. Cognac Barrel Aged Imperial Baltic Porter 440ml 13%
Chocolate, Hazelnut and Vanilla Porter 440ml 9.5% Vegan
Drawing inspiration from the sweet and savoury breakfasts of Canada we decided to brew this satisfyingly drinkable breakfast stout. A robust foundation of oats alongside smoked, chocolate, black and crystal malt allows the unmistakable flavour of Canadian maple syrup to shine with the addition of Coffee and Cacao nibs providing...
This collaboration with Bimber Distillery saw us brew an unctuous Imperial Stout to showcase their incredible whisky. Starting with a Stout base, we added cacao nibs, coffee vanilla and oak chips soaked in their Ex-Bourbon Cask Single Malt Whisky. Complex, spicy, fruit forward and balanced. Imperial Stout aged on Bimber...
This year we brewed an amplified imperial version of our Chocolate & Orange Stout to coincide with our eighth birthday celebrations. Starting with a complex base of seven malts we added a generous amount of Orange peel, Vanilla and some lactose for sweetness. The result is an opulent and mature...
The 3rd incarnation of our Tonkoko milk stout. Triple tonka, triple coconut, triple vanilla, triple chocolate and almost infinite loveliness. Not so much dark Bounty in a glass as dark Bounty hammered directly into your cerebral cortex. Triple Tonka & Coconut Imperial Milk Stout 440ml 10%
You loved the original Brownie Pints but wanted bigger body and more oomph so who are we to argue? James is earning extra brownie pints so he can have even more decadent peanut, hazelnut, caramel and chocolate brownie milk stout. Chocolate Brownie Imperial Milk Stout 440ml 11%
A 12% Biscotti Imperial Pastry Stout inspired by the traditional Italian biscuit. Zesty orange cuts through huge nutty notes of almond, hazelnut and pistachio with a solid mocha backbone to replicate the biscotti flavours Biscotti Imperial Pastry Stout 440ml 12%
Aroma of sweet chocolate, some chili spice and cinnamon. Taste has smooth chocolate, cinnamon, subtle chili heat, caramel, licorice, mild smoke and malt. Mexicake Imperial Stout 440ml 10%
Mocha hazelnut cream horn stout Imperial Pastry Stout 440ml 9%
Freeze Distilled Imperial Stout w/ Maple Syrup & Roasted Pecans Maple Syrup & Pecan Eisbock Imperial Stout 440ml 18% !!!
A thick and full bodied Russian Imperial Stout checking in at a dangerous 12%. Thick and slick body, much like motor oil, it's name sake. Big roasty and toasty flavors along side deep, dark cacoa, notes of toffee and caramel softening its bold bitterness. The Standard Motorolie 10, a 12%...
Mocha hazelnut cream horn stout Imperial Stout with Coconut, Vanilla and Lactose 440ml 10%
Wanna Taste My Snowflakes is an imperial milk stout. The creamy body is filled with notes of vanilla, coffee and licorice. Imperial Milk Stout 440ml 9%
Cinnamon bun double stout 10 different malts, 100kg of organic Tunisian Deglet Nour dates, 100+ Tahitian vanilla pods, ancho chillies and a heap of organic cinnamon. ... Lots of cinnamon mixed with floral Tahitian vanilla followed by a rich complex date sweetness. Imperial Pastry Stout 440ml 10.5% Vegan
In collaborating with Stillwater Artisanal we always focus on distinct, clear, punchy flavors. This beer is no exception. Inspired by everyone’s favorite candy, this is a chocolate bar in a bottle. Unwrap! Chocolate Imperial Stout 330ml 11.5%
On a pilgrimage for immortal craft beer, we tripped on some heavenly drops of beer with amazingly overwhelming aromas of chili peppers and more, a thick fudge-like body, pitch black color and obviously only made in limited amounts. And the taste….furthermore Jesus. Imperial Stout with Chilli Peppers 330ml 12%
Some People Are Immune To Good Advice Maple Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Maple Stout is an intense imperial oatmeal stout brewed with a healthy amount of the best maple syrup money can buy, from our friends BliS in Michigan and then aged in barrels that previously aged that same syrup...
Pastry meets tiki – a pina colada style stout aged in maple syrup bourbon barrels for 22 months Barrel Aged Pina Colada Style Imperial Stout 650ml 12.8%
Dark Chocolate and Passion Fruit Imperial Stout Inspired by rich and indulgent chocolate ganache with a sharp and sweet passionfruit coolis cutting through. Elegant and complex, like Lana Del Rey herself, or a rose smoking a cigarette (insert double spiderman meme here) Loaded with chocolate malt, and then conditioned over...
How do you Pie Harder?Well you take all the ingredients and make them an impy, apparently.Apple, cinnamon, vanilla, milk sugar, and a tiny touch of cacao - all that warming apple pie and custard but this time over a rich pastry stout base.You throw quite a party... Apple Pie Imperial...
Rich, smooth, and the epitome of the Dark Side. This Imperial Stout has an oaty creaminess, layered with indulgent notes of chocolate, coffee, and roasted malt, finishing with a lingering touch of sweetness. Imperial Oatmeal Stout 440ml 10.5% Vegan
This is the original Very Big Moose Imperial Stout, a beer that has won many global beer awards. Huge cacao and vanilla with a touch of cinnamon. Viscous, warming and altogether pretty amazing! Moose don't get much better than this. Cacao & Vanilla Imperial Stout 440ml 12% Vegan
This big Imperial Stout is pumped with 500kg of the finest Coconut from the Philippines (NOT SO2 treated). We imported this beauty directly to get the best quality we wanna work with. Imperial Stout 440ml 10.8%
Quadrupel blended with a big ass stout aging on cognac barrels and armagnac barrels Barrel Aged Quadruple 330ml 11%
A thick full bodied Imperial Stout brewed with coconut milk and toasted coconut chips Imperial Stout with Coconut Milk and Coconut Chips 440ml 11%
Grimm Artisanal Ales are a fantastic brewery from New York, USA. Salty Nut Roll (imperial stout w/ peanuts, marshmallow, brown sugar & salt) is a nod to every brewer's favorite snack—the inimitable Salted Nut Roll. Imperial Stout with Peanuts, Marshmallows, Brown Sugar and Salt 500ml 13%
The imperial version of our award winning City of Cake. This beer is deeper, richer, stronger boasting roasted coffee and chocolate notes with sweetness and caramel aromas with a thick and silky body. Imperial Chocolate Fudge Cake Stout 440ml 11%
Full-bodied and more chocolate than our award winning Crunch, Crunchier is sweet, creamy & oozes chocolate roasted nuttiness. Held up on a malt bill of oats & wheat with a generous dose of lactose Crunchier is a luxurious treat. Imperial Chocolate & Peanut Butter Milk Stout 440ml 9.1%
Brewed with 9 different malt varieties then barrel-aged in 24 year old bourbon barrels, within a cold dark room for 16 months. The result is a rich, decadent & highly complex, smooth & drinkable Chocolate Imperial Stout. Imperial Barrel Aged Chocolate Stout 440ml 12.3%